Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bracing and the Long Ball

The Long Ball and Bracing

The Benefits of Combat Core

I had one of my baseball players laying the smack down with a sledgehammer on a tractor tire last night.

He was setup in his stance and the movement engaged a rotation, high to low or what some call the "golf swing." Our goal was quality of movement so he targeted 6-8 swings, resetting with each swing.

I noticed as he was swinging his breathing patterns were random and his shirt was moving inward.

We talked at length about anticipating the pitch and timing it with his breathing. We also worked on bracing. Bracing involves forcing the abdominals outward with a powerful isometric contraction throughout the movement. Similar to the bracing drill I demonstrate in Combat Core.

There was a noticeable difference between the sound of the sledgehammer hitting the tire on the first set and the sound on the last sets.

He called me tonight and told me he had the best batting practice he's had all season just by focusing on anticipating, breathing and bracing.

If you've been using Combat Core in your training or with your athletes, send me an email of your progress!

Your strength coach,

Jim Smith, CSCS
Author Combat Core

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