Monday, April 28, 2008

Do Not Try This....Ever!

The Combat Core DVD Set is Coming!

The official release date is Memorial Day - May 26th!

What you will see in the DVD set are some of the most intense torso training exercises ever filmed! The DVD set is the perfect compliment to the best selling manual and will include over 140 exercises!

Want a sneak peak?

In the DVD, Mike Hanley introduced me to the Progressive Plank with Chains!

Here is the setup:

Have the lifter or athlete setup in a plank. Once stabilized, start adding chains (or sandbags) across their back. We used a total of 6 chains in all! Once all the chains are loaded the timer begins. Every 10 seconds take 1 chain off. Continue on until all the chains are removed. The total time will be 1 minute plus the loading time. Each chain weighed 20 lbs, which means at the highest weight, Mike had 120 lbs of chains on his back! Talk about muscular endurance.

Check out how it all started...

Jim Smith, CSCS
Author, Combat Core

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