Sunday, March 16, 2008

Combat Core is LIVE!

Check it out here:

Author, Combat Core

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Combat Core

It is true that Combat Core contains a bunch of torso training exercises that incorporate every non-conventional implement known to man:

- Tractor tires

- sledgehammers

- kettlebells

- thick ropes

- sandbags

...just to name a few...

But what if you don't have ANY OF THOSE THINGS?

No problem!

There are a ton of BODYWEIGHT ONLY exercises that make up the rest of your new arsenal of abdominal training exercises.

Do you want an exclusive look at the bonuses?

How about this!

- Interview

- $1 Trial Membership

- The Deadlift 101 Video

- The Deadlift 101 Manual

- The Underground Combat Files

- The S&C Interrogation Files

- Lifetime Updates

Or how about the DELUXE PACKAGE?

- Interview

- $1 Trial Membership

- The Deadlift 101 Video

- The Deadlift 101 Manual

- The Underground Combat Files

- The S&C Interrogation Files

- The Complete Abdominal Index

- Advanced Kettlebell Training

- Sledgehammer Essentials

- The Summer Shredder Program

- The MMA Power Program

* Lifetime Updates


That doesn't include the most innovative strength manual to come out in 2008 - Combat Core.

Get Read for Monday!

Your strength coach,


Friday, March 14, 2008

100's of Exercises!

Combat Core

The emails are flooding in! Everyone can't wait until Monday!

Did I mention that one of the bonuses comes from bodybuilder and strength coach John Alvino. The Complete Abdominal Exercise Index is incredible!

Combat Core and The Complete Abdominal Exercise Index will give you hundreds of torso training exercises.

You'll never get bored again!

How about this question that came in:

"Is Combat Core beneficial for powerlifters, I mean, I don't exactly have ripped abs?"

Of course! The whole purpose of Combat Core is to show the exercises that develop true core strength. Powerlifters (and any athlete for that matter) require insane abdominal strength to move tons of weight.

But remember, if you aren't an athlete, just someone who wants to train to get stronger, get more intense or get better, Combat Core is perfect for you too!

Do you have kettlebells? There are kettlebell exercises!

Do you have thick rope? There are thick rope exercises!

Do you have kegs? There are keg exercises!

Do you have tractor tires? There are tire exercises!

Do you like to train with non-conventional means?

You better go to

on 3/17!

Your strength coach,


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Your Exclusive First Look at Combat Core!

Check out Rob Pilger laying the smackdown in this exclusive video demonstrating just a few exercises contained in Combat Core!

Whether you are a person who wants to be strong, fit and injury free or you are an elite athlete - Combat Core can help you reach your goals!

Author, Combat Core

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Combat Core is for EVERYONE!

Combat Core

Combat core is not only for athletes, it is for EVERYONE!

People who value fitness and spend time in a gym or outside working out know the importance of engaging in compound, ground-based movements.

But, it is these exercises that cause us the most problems. Falling forward in the squat, hitching a deadlift or getting pasted with a bench press.

Once technique is developed, the problem becomes a strength issue. Nine times out of ten, it is a weakness of the abdominals and surrounding musculature.

It you have a strong core, you will have the bracing proficiency needed to execute these compound means.

Do you spend a massive amount of time hitting crunches or do you save abdominal training until the end of your workout and end up just doing a couple sets?

Why waste your time?

If you do the right exercises, with the right amount of intensity, you will get a huge carryover to your other strength training endeavors.


You'll be less likely to get injured!


Release Date: 3/17

I am releasing the book with a 3 day sale. It is going to be huge!

Stay tuned for tomorrow for your exclusive first look at Combat Core.

Your strength coach,


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Combat Core Strength Release Date Annnounced!

Combat Core

Hey Everyone,

I can't wait for the release of my new book Combat Core.

Release Date: 3/17

I am releasing the book with a 3 day sale. It is going to be huge.

I appreciate all the support and emails asking about the book and what's it all about.

I have been working day and night trying to get the book together along with all of the bonuses. The basic package will have 6 bonuses and there will be an opportunity to add on 4 more bonuses - the whole thing is massive.

So what is Combat Core?

Combat Core dispels all of the myths and fallacies flooding the internet about abdominal strength. Why waste your time with endless sets of crunches and sit-ups? Your goal should be to build and development functional core strength for your specific goals. If you want to get better at squats, you need core strength. If you are an athlete and want to improve performance, you need serious core strength. That is why I created Combat Core.

Stay tuned - more information leading up to the release date.