Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Combat Core is for EVERYONE!

Combat Core

Combat core is not only for athletes, it is for EVERYONE!

People who value fitness and spend time in a gym or outside working out know the importance of engaging in compound, ground-based movements.

But, it is these exercises that cause us the most problems. Falling forward in the squat, hitching a deadlift or getting pasted with a bench press.

Once technique is developed, the problem becomes a strength issue. Nine times out of ten, it is a weakness of the abdominals and surrounding musculature.

It you have a strong core, you will have the bracing proficiency needed to execute these compound means.

Do you spend a massive amount of time hitting crunches or do you save abdominal training until the end of your workout and end up just doing a couple sets?

Why waste your time?

If you do the right exercises, with the right amount of intensity, you will get a huge carryover to your other strength training endeavors.


You'll be less likely to get injured!


Release Date: 3/17

I am releasing the book with a 3 day sale. It is going to be huge!

Stay tuned for tomorrow for your exclusive first look at Combat Core.

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